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LOVEWAY fam, you're in for a treat! Each Monday a new Praise & Worship song will appear on our site. (Read this already? scroll down to listen to this week's tunes)

Music is such an instrumental part of my lifestyle. (see what I did there lol) There are a few things that I credit for helping to bring me out of darkness and into the light. The therapy & ministry that music provides me is one of the greatest. There's something about hearing God's word through music & singing His praises & love songs to Him that draws me nearer to Christ. Over time, I have compiled a playlist titled "Thank You Jesus" on Spotify with nearly 300 praise and worship songs that help me to get my day started. If you follow @itstheloveway on IG I'm sure you have seen one of my praise & worship sessions in the stories. I refer to this particular playlist as my music journal because I can recall exactly what season of life I was in when each song was added to the playlist. Some songs transport me back to seasons of triumph & others remind me of how far I've come. I know which section of the playlist to listen to when I need uplifting, I want to feel the presence of God wash over me, I need to let out a cry, I need to remember that I am loved by God, and when I want to just dance, praise, & shout.

My days are better when I start them with kingdom music. I love music, I love to dance, and I love to encourage my friends & family through music. I am elated to share this act of love with you.

Lord I pray that the music blesses the hearer as much as it has blessed me and is the sooth to their soul that is needed. We love you & we thank you! AMEN.


Worship song of the week: Spirit Fall Down by Luther Barnes

LOVEWAY takeaway: The request for the presence of the Holy Spirit in this song is chills worthy. As I begin this first day of a corporate fast with my church family this song has blessed me & serves as my prayer for the Holy Spirit to fall fresh on each and every one of us in this season of depriving our flesh for the strengthening of our spirits.

Praise song of the week: Sunday Morning by Lecrae ft. Kirk Franklin

LOVEWAY takeaway: Each day we wake up with a chance and a choice. Reflect & give praise for the first blessing of each day...waking up.

Enjoyed this post? Don't forget to let me know. Tap the heart. Drop a comment and let us know how the songs blessed you this week.

Live the LOVEWAY,


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