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It's getting HOT in here! Resisting sexual temptations.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Is this in your neighborhood?

Need help resisting those fleshly desires??

1. REFRAIN from feeding your brain pornography and other sexual images. They only add fuel to the fire.

2. PLAN dates in public spaces and call it a night until your spirit is stronger than your flesh. Don’t set yourself up to face temptation. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

3. COMMUNICATE your intentions and boundaries clearly. “I am dating with Godly intent.” Don’t try me, try Jesus.

4. PRAY your way out my sister and brother😂! No, but I’m serious. God will always give you a way out of temptation, but you have to take it.

5. RESCHEDULE if needed. You know when you’re talking yourself out of going or take that trip to the bathroom to give yourself the “don’t do it” pep talk, because one right move and it’s on and poppin. Pop your Bible app open and read about sin against your own flesh😱

6. REPENT. We all fall short of God’s glory in some area of our lives. Ask for forgiveness if you do. Fast & Pray (take a break from dating) and don’t forget to forgive yourself. Remember, true repentance requires changed behavior.

*Never permission to sin; always permission to receive God’s grace & mercy!

Live the LOVEWAY,


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