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6 FREE ways to support LOVEWAY & other digital content creators/small business owners:

Updated: May 14, 2021

Did you know that digital content creators are paid and sponsored based on engagement? Engaging with content is a FREE way to support black owned businesses✊🏽

Here are 6 FREE ways you can support LOVEWAY & other content creators/business owners:

1. SHARE -(to your story, repost, DM, text) -increases exposure which helps to shares the message to others, builds the LOVEWAY community, & gets us in front of potential new believers, consumers, and clients.

2. COMMENT -increases engagement metrics which drives IG/FB to push our content. Helps us to identify value added content. We want to give you what you want! 🤎 *feed & story posts*

3. LIKE -see #2. + Helps us identify our target audience and what you like. Quick action that provides positive feedback. & let's be honest, people are more inclined to view content that's deemed popular out of sheer curiosity.

4. SAVE -see #2 + you can easily view content you like later as a refresher + share again and send to friends.

5. FOLLOW -so you can do #1-4. 🔑When presenting media kits for paid partnerships, brands review engagement analytics including the number of potential viewers. (Click the links to follow us on Facebook and IG)

6. SUBSCRIBE -see #5 Example -views, likes, comments on blog posts and site traffic analytics are leveraged for negotiating pay & sponsorships. (Think LOVEWAY Brunch Series, Retreats, & Conferences😍)

Join the LOVEWAY community today! Subscribe below today!

New subscribers receive a 10% off discount code, access to exclusive content, events, updates, weekly emailed devotional, & more!

Be the first to get a sneak peek of DROP II COMING SOON🤎

🤎THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting LOVEWAY Christian Lifestyle and Apparel LLC! You all are truly a blessing and evidence of the goodness of God. You all have encouraged me to continue working in my purpose through your kind messages, generosity, and testimonials!

Are you enjoying the content? Help us continue growing the LOVEWAY ministry.

Engage with our digital content (don't forget to like and comment on this blog post) & Shop LOVEWAY Apparel today!🤎 (Click here if you'd like to Donate)

I am currently working on the details for our very first LOVEWAY Brunch and DROP II. Stay tuned! If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the LOVEWAY Brunch or any other LOVEWAY event please complete the "Get in Touch + Prayer Request" form on the Home Page or contact me at (202) 813-0386.

Live the LOVEWAY,


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