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4 Ways to Grow Closer to Christ

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In this video I discuss 4 ways you can begin growing in relationship with Christ today.

If you’ve fallen off your routine and need a gentle reminder or some fresh new resources, I’ve got you covered too.

I share a few of my favorite resources and techniques for growing closer to Christ.

I also share a personal testimony you wont want to miss of how I found my family of faith. It started out rocky but the enemy did not win.

To access the resources provided in the video, utilize the clickable links (underlined & bolded) below in this blog.


1. Devotional

  1. Books - reading devotional books is a great way to familiarize yourself with biblical text and application of God's word to your life. I love starting my day with a devotional reading because it provides a focal point of the day and encouragement. I recommend Carolyn Larsen's One Minute Devotions for Women

  2. Audio/Apps/Podcast - Some of my favorite apps are as follows: CLICK to visit

    1. The Bible App

    2. Our Daily Bread

    3. First 5

c. Subscribe to the LOVEWAY website - LOVEWAY FREE Weekly Devotion

Subscribers receive the LOVEWAY Weekly Devotion via email every Monday. You may also access the weekly devotion via the devotional tab on the homepage of the website. My recommendation is to read the full chapter of the bible from which the scripture is referenced and meditate on the word through out the week consciously applying the word to your life and sharing the gospel with others.


2. Find a Family of Faith (Church)

  1. Ask around, visit, and attend services - Most churches have visitation information and a point of contact for questions located on the church's website. Ask the people you encounter what church they attend and why. Identify what is important to you and formulate a series of questions surrounding those qualifiers. Ex. teaching + preaching, style of worship, community outreach, ministries, etc.

  2. Utilize online tools to locate churches -(google directory for physical locations), YouTube and Social Media are great tools for seeking a Family of Faith especially in this season of virtual worship and gatherings. Can't attend during scheduled service times? No worries, many services are accessible on YouTube channels and available to you at any time of the day.

  3. Research the organizations giving, missions, and community outreach - The same as you would if you were going to join any other organization, review the website in full. Leadership bios, ministry information, and a plethora of other insightful information is right at your fingertips. After my initial visit to my home church I visited the website and did my research. I learned so much about the services the church offers and now serve as a resource to many. Knowing who to contact when you want to serve or need support is of great importance. RESEARCH!

  4. Be open minded and prayerful - You may find that a denomination you previously would not have considered is actually a perfect fit for you. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide and plant you. I have always gravitated to Baptist churches, but I grew up visiting a Pentecostal Church with my Grandmother. I thought a non denominational would be best for me. I found out I am 100% Baptist.


3. Read your Bible

  1. 4 chapters per day = Entire Bible in1 year. I recommend NIV or NRSV foundation study bible. CLICK HERE

  2. Cross reference your devotional reading. - One of the techniques I utilize to learn and stay in the word is to read the entire chapter of the Bible that corresponds with the scripture from my devotional reading. This practice provides context for clarity and discernment.

  3. Audio book - download your preferred version of the Bible in Audio format and listen during your scheduled time with God and throughout the day.

  4. Complete Bible Study programs via your church or apps - such as The Bible App, First 5, and Our Daily Bread

4. Prayer

  1. Schedule time with God - set aside dedicated time devoted to prayer. Create a prayer space if possible. My prayer space is in my living room facing the window. I've created my own personal modern sanctuary with modern Christian wall and home décor, from pillows to candles. I like to start my day with a devotional reading that is followed by prayer and meditation.

  2. Go to God with childlike faith. - Pray BIG and with specificity. & when you pray make sure you first believe that it is possible. MARK 11:24

  3. Start by having conversation with God - Don't overthink it. God knows you and wants to hear from you. Don't focus on the usage of words. Focus on spending time in conversation with God. Be sure to also take the time to listen.

  4. Your prayer tongue develops with practice and by staying in the Word of God -(READ YOUR BIBLE) "And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." MATTHEW 6:7-8 NIV

  5. Journal - I sometimes find that words flow better from my heart and mind when I write them down. Writing your prayers in a journal is a great way to not only release what you can't seem to speak, but also documents your prayer. If you have a prayer block I highly suggest journaling. I personally write honest and transparent letters to God. When I revisit past prayer journal entries, I'm in awe of how God has answered my prayers. Try it! -and share how it works for you. I love these leather Christian journals because they zip for privacy and have scripture on the cover and bottom of each page.

Remember the key is to apply what you learn in your studies and experiences to your life so that you may live life in relationship with Christ. The way you live could be the catalyst for another person's choice to receive salvation. Live the LOVEWAY.

Thanks for watching! Leave a comment below to let me know what you found most helpful from the video and text. Feel free to submit questions in the comments below or complete the "Get in Touch" form.

Live the LOVEWAY,


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