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Brunch Attire the LOVEWAY

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Sundays are for Church + Brunch. Brunch style is a little less Sunday's Best these days due to virtual services, however the LOVEWAY guidelines for brunch attire remain sophisticated, classy, and polished with a hint of casual. The attire worn to brunch is decided in the same manner of all other attire. Begin by asking yourself the following questions.

  1. How do I want to feel?

    1. Glam, Casual, Bossy, Sexy, Pretty/Flirty or a combination of styles.

    2. No matter the style the key is to ensure the look is comfortable and polished. This means hair, makeup, jewelry, and other accessories such as bag, and shoes all tie into the look and match the style you've committed to.

  2. What is the vibe of the location? Indoor or Outdoor? Chill or 5star? Is there a dress code?

    1. Are we talking La Vie on the waterfront or Pizza in Navy Yard?

    2. Always remember if you have to chose between overdressed or underdressed always choose overdressed. Your confidence adds to any outfit. If you show you're uncomfortably underdressed you will stick out like a sore thumb. Work any outfit anywhere by walking in GODFIDENCE. It's the most attractive accessory you can add to any outfit.

  1. Heels or flats? (I rarely wear flats out unless it's a summer sandal, or grocery store run, however, I always have some on deck. Either in my bag or car.)

    1. LOVEWAY tip - take care of your feet and don't leave the house with ashy feet or ankles. Don't wear uncomfortable shoes for too long. Invest in 3 pairs of fancy flats that coordinate with any outfit. One silver, gold, and nude or black is a good rule of thumb. Gage the amount of walking that is necessary and if heels are a realistic choice.

  2. Pants, Dress, or Skirt? (refer to 1 and 2 when making a decision)

    1. Starting from the bottom up when you don't have a particular garment in mind to wear is a good rule of thumb. (Do you have time to shave your legs or nah? lol)

  3. Accessories?

  1. Decide which accessories suit your outfit best. Add a pop of color for a summer outdoor brunch or keep it simple with dainty metals or a statement necklace.

  2. Sunglasses are an outdoor brunch necessity. Sunglasses can elevate an outfit. Don't sleep on stylish sunglasses. Stylish doesn't mean designer or uber expensive.

  3. Hairstyle & hair accessories are the most underrated accessories of all time. Your hairstyle can make or break your look. It's the difference between you wearing the look and the look wearing you. Whether you choose curly, curls, straight, pulled back, or half up half down your hairstyle completes the look. If you're a bad baldy a clean edge up is key, and if you're adventurous, some stylish lines, color, or a design is a great addition to any cut.

No matter what you choose to wear, always put on the full armor of God. Pray & Slay! It's the LOVEWAY!

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