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Business Shower

Celebrating 1 year in Business

Greetings family and friends,


I hope this message finds you all happy, healthy and blessed.


Can you believe another year has gone by and we are well into 2022? It’s amazing how time flies.


As many of you know, our sister and friend, Ebony Taylor, launched LOVEWAY Christian Lifestyle and Apparel brand on February 15th last year. She started this company with a calling from the Lord, faith in her spirit, and purpose in her heart to make a positive impact and difference.


Help us celebrate the one year anniversary of LOVEWAY Christian Lifestyle and Apparel brand by offering a love donation to support the purchase of IT equipment to help the company expand and grow. Technology is used in every aspect of a company's operations and greatly impacts a company’s success.


Our Request

Our goal is to help the business grow and to ensure LOVEWAY achieves its mission of encouraging men and women to have a stronger and deeper relationship with Christ and to leave a legacy of love for future generations.


So, let’s lean in and offer Ebony a blessing to take her business to the next level.


How you can donate and support towards the Registry:

  • Visit

  • Select Donate Now

  • Enter the amount you'd like to contribute (adjust the tip for GoFundMe as desired) & select "PayPal" or "Credit or Debit"

  • Donation details: Check box if you do not want to display your name publicly on the campaign

  • Input info & select Donate Now


Please feel free to share the campaign with anyone that may want to support Ebony with this calling and very important endeavor.



Syretta Dyson & Tiffany Olds

$1150/$1500 raised 

Pink Balloons

Thank You for an amazing year of LOVE

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